The Anglican Faith
Teaching not just what the Anglican Faith is but how to deliver the faith once given to a new generation.

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This site will carry training and educational material for the traditional Anglican.

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Our Mission
Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through education and training is our mission. We accomplish this by the development and
distribution of Anglican educational materials. To assist the learner, deacon, priest, bishop and layman we offer training in the
traditional Anglican Faith.
Our Goals.

  • Provide  knowledge in the
    practice of the traditional and
    ancient Anglican Faith.

  • Develop and publish
    educational aids, books,
    brochures and DVD's  as to
    how to deliver the ancient
    faith through the Liturgy.

  • Teach the manual arts of
    work at the altar for Holy
    Communion, Morning Prayer,
    Evening Prayer and all of the
    seven sacraments.

  • Teach the Liturgy as
    provided in the 1928 Book of
    Common Prayer.
This site is under

Please return frequently to watch
our progress and to review our
first new publication to be
launched soon
(now available see
entitled simply The Anglican
. Not loaded yet for purchase
form web. You may order hard

This is a basic teaching aid for
clergy seeking to practice the
traditional Anglican Faith and for
laymen wanting to learn the
fundamentals. It will be available
in booklet form and down
loadable from this site.

Bless you, and return again,

Bishop Larry Johnson
Anglican Seminary of Virginia
Front Royal, VA ( USA)
The Rt. Rev. Larry W.
Johnson is the creator of
this new work. Visit him at
The Anglican Faith   (Just off Press)
The Rt. Rev. Larry W. Johnson, Author
Sondra B. Johnson, Editor

A quality, 28 page, full-color publication.
Contains an overview of the Anglican faith,  history,
discussion of the why a liturgy and Anglicanism's future.
Other questions such as why we have a prayer book,
who conceived it, did Henry VIII start the church, who
were Bloody Mary, Queen Elizabeth I, Bishop Cranmer,  
Richard Hakluyt, Robert Hunt, Richard Whittaker, Roger
Green, Opechancanought and many more.

The Anglican Faith reveals the early struggle to establish
the Anglican Faith in the new world and the founding of
the American democracy and highlights heroes who died
for the cause of faith and freedom. It discusses why
clergy wear vestments; boldly describes the church
setting, the uniqueness of Holy Communion and the
beauty of our worship.   

This first  publication of its type tells the story of Anglican
courage, order and leadership.
There are 84 colorful photos and images including more
than fifty pictures of historic Anglicans. You may be
surprised at some of the great Americans who grew-up
as Churchmen and Churchwomen in the Anglican Way.

*Price $10.00 each.
$7.75 five to twenty.
$6.75 twenty-one up.
To order:
telephone 1.540.635.5521 CCs Visa/Master
Do not mail personal checks.
Shipping and handling additional.
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*These prices are  good through Dec 30, 2011